Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Create A Bootable PenDrive

[note: if you don't have the basic knowledge first read the basic terms section in bottom of this page.]

 Bootable USB- What is a Bootable USB, in old days we all are using CD's and DVD's for booting our systems while installing the operating systems, and to troubleshooting them. But today's technology is not accepting the CD's and DVD's. the latest net books and tablet devices doesn't have a DVD drive. In this scenario we should use the alternative, that is the Bootable USB.

So, Today we are going to do a Bootable pendrive.
for what..?
what a question, A Bootable USB can be used to do a wide range of things. it will simply installs a operating system, it can remove administrator passwords, or for a live operating system testing, scan for viruses and many more.
OK., what we need
A pendrive with sufficient capacity.
A usb installer software.you don't need any special skills.

 The following tools have easy procedure for creating bootable pen drives. Select a tool that suits for your need. The "WinToFlash" is used for install Windows OS versions into USB. The "Li Li USB Creator" is used for Linux distributions. The "Universal USB Installer" used for Windows and Linux Distributions. The "YUMI" can install more than one distribution in pen drives. The last three softwares can install other special CD's like "Hiren Boot CD".

 Win To Flash:
 The "Novicorp WinToFlash" Software Install Windows Operating Systems in Pen Drives. With this Software you can install any version of windows in the USB. The pendrive later can be used for installing and repairing the Windows PC's.

Linux Live USB Creator:
 The Li Li can create a Linux pendrive. with the pendrive you can boot a system from the selected Linux operating system. you can use a ISO image or CD or you can also download a copy from net. you can also create persistence space to save the live OS settings into your pendrive.

Universal USB Installer:
  The "Universal USB Installer" installs windows, Linux versions or special diagnostic tools like Gparted to partition management. you can use the downloaded ISO image to create a bootable pendrive.

YUMI --Multi Boot USB Creator:
 The "YUMI" can create multi boot USB's. that is you can put more than one operating system on the same drive. At the boot time, you can select which version to load.

[Basic Terms:]

USB -- Universal Serial Bus, USB is the connector type which pendrives generally use.
Linux Distributions -- These are different types of operating system versions in Linux. 
ISO -- ISO is a popular CD / DVD format. all the Linux distributions on internet available in this format only.

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