Sunday, January 22, 2012

HowTo: Setup a Hardware/Software Key-Logger in any system

All of us know about key loggers. What they do, they will simply record all the key strokes typed in the key board. This technology is called key logging. in this post i am discussing about hardware and software key loggers, and how to setup them.

Hardware key loggers 

Hardware key loggers are looks like a simple connector. For example to connect an USB key board to a ps2 connector we use a USB to ps2 connector. The hardware key logger is looks like the connector, and also connected in the same way. But hardware key loggers have its own memory, just like your memory cards. Generally they are available from 512 kb.
Connect one end of the hardware key logger to the key board and then connect it to the system’s ps2 connector.
You can buy a hardware key logger from here:

After connect the key logger it starts working, you can view the log in a general text editors like notepad.

Software Key logger

In General “software key logging technology” used by Malwares and Root-kits. Malwares setup a key logger as a keyboard driver and records all the key strokes, but a Root-kit works in kernel mode. So it is too difficult to find a Root-kit.
The recorded information can be uploaded to an ftp server or sent via e-mail.
There are lot of key loggers are available on the Internet. We can use those key loggers to spy on our own machine, system administrators can use this technology to know what users are doing in the systems, or simply we can understand how this software key logging is works.

Download a key logger software from here:

Install the actual key logger from there.
Select Start monitoring, and then click hide in the actual key logger window.
It will start working.
To test the key logger type something in a web browser, and then open the key logger by pressing “ctrl+shift+alt+f8”

See, in the key strokes tab all key strokes are recorded. Not only key strokes it can record screen shots, application log, and many more.
In the actual key logger, many options were included, but it is a trial version.

You can download a free key logger from here. It has only key logging facility.

Download and install Home key logger free edition from there.
After installing it will not show any window, but a web page opens in the web browser, type some text in the page to test the key logger. 

Then go to system tray right click on the home key logger icon select view log

The log will show in the notepad window.
 To hide the system tray icon click on hide icon. You can again get it by pressing “ctrl+alt+shift+m”

You can find many applications on the internet. But most of them are premium versions. You can find a free key logger also but they don’t include more features like premium versions. Select a key logger with at least these features:

Key logger must hide in the task manager process list.

It must not be displayed in the system tray.

It should create a log silently without interrupting the user.

But be careful, while downloading a key logger, otherwise it works for a hacker instead of you :-)


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  3. Don't know much about hacking and all but I am really happy with my Hardware Keylogger .Now it became easy for me to spy my husband PC :)

    1. yes!! hardware key loggers are easy to use for new users, because there is no need to configure anything.. thanks for the link..