Sunday, January 22, 2012

Protect your media files with a Password and Convert them as a self playable

In this post I will show how to Password protect your media files including audio and video files. Not only password protecting but also we are creating self playing files. i.e. after we creating the password protected file we don’t need any other software to play the file, when we open the file it will play itself.

To protect a media file we need a software called Green-Force Player.
So download the file from here.

After installing the software open it.
It has a simple interface

Open a media file you want to protect.
Select ‘File’ menu and select ‘Load’
Then select the file you want to open…

After the file open Select ‘DRM’ menu , select Protect Video

Now the in the Protect Video dialog box give the password you want to give.
Then select “Add Player to the Medial File” check box.
Then Press ‘Save’.

Now the process will start.

After complete the process go to the location of the original file you can find a exe file with the same name as the selected media file.
Now open the exe file it will ask for the password.

Now the exe file can be played in any system (only in windows OS).
There is no need to install any other software to play the file.

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