Friday, January 27, 2012

Edit your registry in a Safe and Funny way

You can customize your windows pc by editing registry editor. But the registry editor is like an unknown world to the novice users. It is not user friendly. So many users are doesn’t touch the registry editor. Don’t afraid to edit your registry, here is a simple way to edit the registry, and also funny too….


Tweaknow Winsecret is a free software to find more secrets in your windows pc. It can help you to edit the registry, it can be used as a troubleshooting tool, and as information tool, and also as a cleaner and optimizer.
Download Tweaknow Winsecret from here:

The user interface mainly divided into six tabs.

The Quick optimizer and Windows Cleaner tabs are used to clean your computer.

The Trouble Shooting tab contains the options for rebuild the icon cache and reset network settings. If icons in your pc are not displaying correctly try rebuild icon cache option, the reset network settings options can help you to solve internet connection problems.

The system information tab gives the full details about your computer.
To get all details click on more details icon.


The Restore Backup tab is used to restore the backup, if you have problems by edit something in this software. Backups are created automatically when you edit something.

Editing the Registry:

The Windows Secret tab is where the registry editing is done.
Click on the registry editing tab.

The registry settings are divided into many sections. 

The first search option is used to search registry settings, for example type ‘drive’ it will returns the settings related to the drive options.
In the applications section you can edit the settings related to internet explorer, and outlook.

In the control panel section you can disable or enable control panel applets like add or remove programs, display settings etc. You can also customize individual options in the control panel applets. For example you can hide only desktop tab in display properties.

In the desktop section you can remove icons on the desktop, or deal with options like desktop cleanup, active desktop etc. and you can also disable/enable context menu on the desktop.

In the miscellaneous section you can customize more settings like cmd, shortcut arrows, registry editor, task manager, and also a option for restrict specified applications for users.

In the network & internet sections you can customize options related to the network and internet like mtu size, http connection settings.

In the oem information section you can edit the oem information. Here you can add your image to the system properties dialog box, edit the information displayed in the properties box like name, model no etc.

The special folder section allows you to change the special folder locations, for example user profiles, and fonts.

In the start menu section you can decide which options [like run, shutdown], and applications should display in the start menu. You can deal with start menu right click, and taskbar icons and taskbar transparency.

In the windows core section you can customize the advanced settings of windows os. You can edit prefetch, cache, and clearing page file on shutdown, usb write protection. You can also edit the way of restart or shutdown after installing the updates.

The windows explorer section allows you to hide/show drives, add a image to the background to the toolbar icons of the windows explorer. You can edit the context menu, sendto menu.

In the windows logon section you can decide who can automatically logon to the system, you can customize the settings related to the welcome screen, you can set a message to to the users who are attempting.

Saving the Settings:

After edit any thing the save option will be highlighted.

Click on the save option to save the settings.

Please note that this software is not a replacement for full registry editor. But this helps novice users to create interest in registry editing, learn how to modify original registry settings for the options given in this software.

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