Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enable SSL in Yahoo Web Mail

Enable SSL in Yahoo Web Mail

So, what is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the protocol that provides security in internet communication. Whenever you try to connect a website using SSL, it creates a encrypted link between you and your web server.  

Recently yahoo added an option to enable SSL in their web mail (yeah.. recently! Until now they don’t have a default SSL option in their web mail). but unlike other major Web mail services like Gmail and Hotmail, the https option is not enabled by default in Yahoo. 

 To enable SSL just follow the steps.

 1)    Logon to Yahoo Mail account on your favorite Web browser.

 2)    Hover mouse pointer on the settings option in the upper right corner, 
     and select “mail options”

 3) In the options tab under advanced settings, select the check box 
     “Turn on SSL”.

 4) A warning will be displayed, click on OK.

5) Now click on save.

That’s it. now your mail account will be reloaded once and you can notice your web page address is started with https. 

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