Thursday, January 17, 2013

How-To: Download your data from different Google products using Takeout

We the internet users, have Google accounts and using at least one Google product in our daily online life. Daily we are creating/importing several types of data using different Google services, like videos in YouTube, images in Picasa, contacts in Gmail.

Google is providing options to backup our precious online data, from each and every Google service we are using. But it is easier if we have a centralized location, from where we can export all the data from different services. That is what Google Takeout provides. We can download our data from different Google products as a single archive by using the Takeout tool.

To Create and Download your Archve-
Just go to and login with your user id and password.

Select Choose Services tab, and then select the services you want.

For example select Drive, then it will start collecting the data in your Google Drive, and in few seconds it will show the estimated size of the Drive section. 

In this way you can add the products to the archive, by click on them. You can also choose the file types in each section. If you want to download the documents in Google Drive as PDF files, just click on configure in Drive section and select PDF under file types.

And you can change the contacts file type from vcard to csv format.

Click on “Add all services” button to add all services to the archive, and configure their file types. If you don’t want to change the default options and want to download the archive, click on “Create Archive”.

Then Google will start creating the archive. After completing the archive, you will get the Download button to download the archive. If it is taking too much time, you can select the “Email me when the archive ready” check box.  This will sends you an Email after the archive is ready.

Currently Takeout didn't support all the Google services. If you cant find a service in takeout, you can read  the data downloading instructions to that specific service in

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