Saturday, January 14, 2012

HowTo: Shrink Partitions in Win7

Nowadays Branded laptops are shipping with only one partition. That means when we buy a laptop which is operating system pre-installed. Then we need to shrink the size of the partition and make some more partitions to store our personal data. Here how to do the shrinking of partitions in win7.

In the above picture we have two Hard-disks one is 20GB and another is 500GB. In the 20GB HDD we have only one primary partition. I want to shrink the size of the partition to 10GB.
Right click on the primary partition, and select ‘shrink’.

The following shrink dialog box will appear. Give the amount of size to decrease the partition. Don’t give the all the available space in shrink box. Leave some space to operating system. If you have large disk like 500GB it is good to leave at least 50GB to the operating system.
Select shrink.

Now the given amount of size will be decreased. And we can see the unallocated space 10GB. 

We can create the partitions in the unallocated space, and can store the personal data.
To create partitions right click on the unallocated space and select simple volume.
Click next in the ‘new simple volume...’ dialog box.               
And specify the size of the partition. click on next.

And again click on next. And then the following dialog box appears click on next.

Select finish. Then a new drive with 10GB (in this example) will be created like this.

 like this you can create any no. of partitions.

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