Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cleaning a infected system with Bootable Anti-virus

In the previous post Things to do for cleaning a infected system we see about how to clean a infected system, with boot-time scan. but in some situations, Anti-virus products are not installing, because of the virus. so in this  post we see how to clean that heavily infected system.

in this situation we have to remove the virus with a bootable anti-virus cd.
we can download the bootable cd's from the internet.
download avg rescue cd from here
download Kaspersky rescue cd from here

these two cd's are free you can also download avast cd but it has only a premier version.

in this post we see how clean virus using avg rescue disk
first download the iso file, and write it to a cd.
then boot your system from cd.
select "AVG rescue cd" from the menu

select  "Scan" from the next screen

now select "volumes", and then select which volume you want scan, if you dont know what they are select all from the next screen.

after that the AVG will scan your system for the viruses.
that time will depend on your hard disk capacity.
after complete the scan the "Scan result menu" will appear.
now select "Report File" to see the list of detected viruses.
here best option is "Delete All" it will delete all the infected files from your disk.
select this option after check the "Report file" other wise you will lose your important files if they are infected.
you can also handle each single file by select "Select" option.

after complete the cleaning restart your system by select "Reboot".

now your system is cleaned. before start cleaning it is better to backup your important files from the

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