Saturday, December 31, 2011

HowTo: Test Your Hard-Disk's Health

How to: Test your Hard Disk Health

Your system is suddenly restarting, or crashing. First check your hard disk for problems. Test your hard disk once even if your system is running fine. Because more number of hard-disks are giving problems in these days. 

In this article I will tell you how to check the hard disk for bad sectors, and other irritating problems of hard disk. We are using a little tool to check the hard disk. It is a great tool from Western Digital Company the tool is “Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics”. By using this tool we can easily check all companies hard disks. 
Download the "Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics" software from the Internet.
Open the software, and accept their License Agreement.

Click on “Next”.
The interface of the Program is mainly divided into two sections.

In the first section we can see the hard disks in our system.
In the last section we can see the partitions of a selected disk.
First see for smart status of your disk. If it is showing fail your disk is in a bad condition. Please note that if a pen drive is attached to our system, its smart status will display as fail.

Select the hard disk you want to test and click on the click on the “Run tests” button to run a test

In the tests box select “Quick Test”
Click on “Start”

Close all the Running programs from the selected hard disk and click on “OK”.

Now the Quick test starts……..

After Completion of the test it will shows the results.

If the result is Fail the hard disk is defected. It is good to take a back-up and contact the support for a replacement.

If it shows pass it is a sign for good condition.  It is better to start an extended test to confirm your hard disk doesn’t have any bad sectors. The Extended test will take time to complete. The will depend on your hard disk capacity.

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