Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to backup installed device-drivers

Always we are taking backups for important files, and folders. like that we can also back-up our device drivers which are already installed on our system.
what is the use of the taking back-up for drivers.
when we installing a new operating system we should install drivers for devices, which are presented in our system, for example network card, graphic card, sound drivers, etc.

if we formatted the system, and wants to do a fresh install, we must search device drivers on the internet, if we don't have a driver cd.
so we can backup drivers from our system, without downloading again. before you start taking back-up please confirm that your pc has no virus.
we need a software called driver magician.
download it from
go to the above link and select free version in the side-pane.
after downloading the driver magician install it. it has a easy interface to operate.

it has two panes. in the right pane it shows the devices installed on your system. in the left-pane it shows different sections like back-up drivers, restore drivers, update drivers, and uninstall drivers. we are using a free version so we can only back-up drivers from the system, and can also restore network and display drivers. for others we need a manual install.
to start the backup process select "Backup Drivers" in the right pane.
in the left-pane select the devices which are you want to back-up.
then click on "Start Back-up" button in the bottom.
now you have to select the folder, in which you want to the back-up.
after select the location click on ok.
the back-up process will complete in a few minutes.
you can also back-up drivers to a .exe file.
to do that go to options

and select the "Backup drivers to a self-extractor" and select ok.
now back-up your drivers to a exe file.
if you buy the software you get the more options like "Update Drivers" to update your drivers from the internet.

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