Friday, January 27, 2012

Edit your registry in a Safe and Funny way

You can customize your windows pc by editing registry editor. But the registry editor is like an unknown world to the novice users. It is not user friendly. So many users are doesn’t touch the registry editor. Don’t afraid to edit your registry, here is a simple way to edit the registry, and also funny too….

Sunday, January 22, 2012

HowTo: Setup a Hardware/Software Key-Logger in any system

All of us know about key loggers. What they do, they will simply record all the key strokes typed in the key board. This technology is called key logging. in this post i am discussing about hardware and software key loggers, and how to setup them.

Protect your media files with a Password and Convert them as a self playable

In this post I will show how to Password protect your media files including audio and video files. Not only password protecting but also we are creating self playing files. i.e. after we creating the password protected file we don’t need any other software to play the file, when we open the file it will play itself.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Display a message for users who are going to logon

This tip will work on both XP and Win7
You can display a message for users who are going to logon your machine.
This message will be displayed after the system starts and before the login screen appears.

HowTo: Shrink Partitions in Win7

Nowadays Branded laptops are shipping with only one partition. That means when we buy a laptop which is operating system pre-installed. Then we need to shrink the size of the partition and make some more partitions to store our personal data. Here how to do the shrinking of partitions in win7.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be A PC Detective and investigate what is going on in your PC

Are you want to become a pc detective, and want to investigate what is going on in your PC.  By reading this post you can..!

Ok First we need to know why we should become a PC Detective.